• Huc Bridge over Hoan Kiem Lake


Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi

Lake of the Restored Sword

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most scenic spots in the city of Hanoi and serves as a focal point for local people and tourists alike. Translating as 'Lake of the Restored Sword', legend has it that in the mid-15th century a giant golden turtle snatched a magical sword off Emperor Ly Thai and disappeared into the depths of the lake. Today, each and every morning at 6am, locals practise traditional tai chi on the shore with some deeming it a mark of respect to the legendary tale.

Close to the northen shore of the lake is Jade Island and where the Temple of the Jade Mountain can be found, Hanoi's most popular buddhist temple. Cross from the lakeshore to the temple by an elegant red bridge and feast your eyes on the spectacular architecture and stunning artwork adorned in the temple grounds.