Grenada's Natural Wonders

Grenada is bursting with natural wonders and spectacular sights; whether you're a keen photographer, nature lover or wildlife enthusiast, you're sure to fall in love with the island's natural charm and beauty.

Springs and Waterfalls

Hidden in the rainforest, Mount Carmel Waterfall, standing at 21 metres tall, and Annandale Falls, at 15 metres high, are two of Grenada's most beautiful natural sights and mustn't be missed. We also highly recommend paying a visit to the boiling sulphur springs of the River Sallee that hold both spiritual and aesthetic importance. They are also natural wishing wells so be sure to throw in a coin and make a wish.

Pure White Beaches

Grenada is blessed with dreamy white sand beaches everywhere you turn. The most well-known is Grand Anse, the two-mile stretch near St George's with its watersports and craft stalls. Secluded Levera Bay is meanwhile famous for nesting turtles and Atlantic surf, while Magazine Beach is great for snorkelling and sunset cocktails at Aquarium, one of the island's best restaurants.

Lake Antoine and the River Antoine Estate

A perfectly formed crater lake, Lake Antoine is popular with bird watchers who are keen to spot a snail kite, the fulvous whistling duck, large-billed seed-find or limpkins. The nearby River Antoine Estate and Rum Factory meanwhile offers the oldest operating distillery in the Caribbean with regular tours taking place to see how the famous rum is being made. Watch the water wheel pressing the sugar cane and see the railway that still transports it to and from.

Grand Etang National Park

This beautiful lake was formed in one of Grenada's extinct volcanoes and is popular for hiking and trekking. Hiking trails range from easy, perfect for beginners and those wanting a leisurely activity, to rigorous treks for the most advanced. You'll see waterfalls, rare wild orchids and a rich diversity of bird and animal life.

La Sagesse Nature Reserve
The rivers, mangroves and salt lakes of this protected bird sanctuary make for one of the best bird-watching spots in Grenada. On the southwestern coast, La Sagesse is home to fine beaches, coral reefs, cactus woodlands and a salt pond that attracts birds from miles around.