• Grenada Islands


Grenada Cuisine and Street Food

Grenada isn't known as the spice island for nothing. Nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa are all produced here, and much of the island's cuisine is suitably spicy - especially the hot pepper sauce. Spices aren't the only delicious local produce though. Fresh fruit and vegetables include bananas, papayas, mangos, coconuts, breadfruit and avocados, while the fruits of the sea include snapper, kingfish and yellow fin tuna.

Oil Down: Grenada’s national dish is pure comfort food. Cooked together in a big pot, this simple, hearty meal combines salted meat or fish, such as cod, herring or beef, with breadfruit, dumplings, coconut milk, leafy vegetables and saffron. It’s named after the flavourful oil released from the coconut milk as it cooks.

Nutmeg Ice cream: One third of the world’s nutmeg is grown here, so delicious nutmeg ice cream is a real taste of Grenada. This fragrant spice is also used to make flavoured yoghurt, tasty syrup for pancakes and golden jam served with scones at afternoon tea.

Fish Friday; Once a week, islanders and tourists head to Gouyave on the west coast for Fish Friday. This sleepy fishing village fills with live music and street stalls selling shrimp kebabs, grilled snapper, cold Carib beer and chips made from breadfruit and plantain.
Roti: Served in cafés all over the island, these are simple but tasty wraps filled with beef, chicken or fish and spicy potato. The lambi (conch) roti is a real island favourite. For extra punch, add the local hot sauce.

Doubles: This popular fast food is a sandwich made with fried flatbread, filled with curried chickpeas and topped with spicy chutneys and a dash of hot pepper sauce.