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Far East – Things to do

Things to do in the Far East

You’ll find an enticing mix of landscapes and cultures in the Far East. Sprawling cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo will keep you on your toes, while otherworldly rice paddies in Indonesia and mystical temples in Cambodia will tell fascinating stories of bygone eras. The ancient customs and traditions you’ll encounter will captivate you long after you’ve left.

Rich cultures in the Far East

Floating markets around Bangkok and incense filled temples in Cambodia and Indonesia are only the beginning of a wealth of rich cultures that span the Far East. Allow yourself to be amazed by the revered Geisha culture of Japan, with its elegant kimonos and tea ceremonies.

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Komodo Dragon


Encounter elephants in the bucolic hills of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, and learn about the mahout culture that savours the mahout-elephant’s iron strong bond. For a unique experience, marvel at other worldly komodo dragons on the rugged and hilly islands of south eastern Indonesia.

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Far Eastern cuisine

The street food in night markets such as those of Thailand’s Chiang Mai will stop you in your tracks with its intensely attractive aromas spreading through the streets. Sensory experiences continue with the freshest seafood in the Philippines, and locally harvested rice for you to enjoy in a rural village among vast paddy fields.

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Outdoor beach spa

Spa & Wellness

You need look no further than the Far East if you are after a spot of pampering and indulgence. The Far East will claim they have the best spa's anywhere in the world and there is some weight to this claim. Indulge yourself with full spa programmes at most of the properties in the Far East or why not try taking a course of yoga classes to really relax?

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Ayeyarwady River


The Far East lends itself very well to a multitude of touring options. Whether you want an in-depth, insider view of a country in detail or you want to see a variety of countries all in one trip of a lifetime, our tours and suggested multi-centre options will be sure to tempt you. Similarly, our Destination Specialists can tailor-make a tour that's just right for you.

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Angkor Wat


Ruins and temples are abound in the Far East. Visit ancient holy sites throughout Thailand, and enjoy the history of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. China and Japan will leave you wanting for more after you have enjoyed a taste of their ancient rituals and traditions.

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