• Cuenca Cathedral


Ecuadorian Cities

The unique culture of Ecuador has managed to remain untouched by time, with many colonial village centres home to traditionally dressed locals and colourful, sprawling markets.

Experience the splendour of Quito and Cuenca, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and wander the cobblestone streets that are lined with Baroque churches and architectural treasures left from Spanish colonial days. Be sure to straddle the middle of the world in Quito; this is where the real equator lies. 

If you love your adventure holidays, head for Banos, the self-proclaimed adventure capital of Ecuador. This tiny mountain pueblo (village) offers canyoning, white-water rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, waterfall tours and climbing near Tungurahua Volcano. 

For something totally authentic, head to South America's largest marketplace, Otavalo Market, or head to the Sierra region and visit the Quichua people of Tigua, world-renowned for their decorative masks, drums and sheepskin-canvas paintings.