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Galapagos Extension - Isabela II Cruise

In the Pacific Ocean lies the awe inspiring 19 islands that make up the Galapagos Islands. Aboard the luxurious Isabella II Yacht, we’ll set off on a one of a kind cruise experience you’ll cherish forever. 

On the stylish and elegant Isabella II, we’ll embark on an otherworldly journey through one of the most diverse wildlife watching areas in the world. It’s no wonder the Galapagos Islands provided the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking Theory of Natural Selection - the breadth of wildlife here is almost surreal. Discover the famous Charles Darwin Research Station in Santa Cruz Island, find four million year old volcanic rocks in Santa Fe and meet lava lizard and Galapagos hawks and many more endemic species.

From the luxury and comfort of the Isabella II, you can expect an indulgent dining menu complemented by immaculate service. The crew on this 40 berth vessel has remained relatively unchanged for years and take pride in the detailed levels of service and luxury for its guests. Expert naturalist guides are there to accompany you during the entire cruise, helping you to discover the most exciting areas on the island, as well as taking you face to face with fascinating wildlife encounters.

Join us for an enriching cruise through the UNESCO World Heritage Galapagos Islands and see it all for yourself. Speak to one of our Destination Specialists for more details.

 Please see 2020 group tour departure dates below.

  • 06, 20 January
  • 03, 17 February
  • 02, 16, 30 March
  • 13, 27 April
  • 11, 25 May
  • 08, 22 June
  • 06, 20 July
  • 03, 17, 31 Aug
  • 14, 28 September
  • 12, 26 October
  • 09, 23 November
  • 07, 21 December

5 days
Group basis, Escorted
Start your journey
Galapagos Islands

Trip highlights

  • Take in a spectacular 360 view over 10 islands at Bartholomew Island
  • Discover preservation projects at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Santa Cruz
  • Spot tiger and reef sharks swimming from the shore at Seymour Island
  • See the Galapagos hawk and swallow tailed gulls at Santa Fe Island
a seal swimming in a body of water

Welcome on board your Isabella II Cruise around the fascinating Galapagos Islands. Begin in the largest town and economic centre, Puerto Ayora, which has plenty of restaurants, bars and coffee shops to explore. 

Today, you’ll discover the luscious zone in the highlands and walk among giant daisy trees dotting the landscape. Your expert guide will take you around the island’s pit craters, cacti, ferns and the Scalesia Forest. 

The nearby town is an excellent place to spot some of the fascinating wildlife this island is famed for. Catch a glimpse of the brown pelicans, golden rays, lava gulls and Galapagos sea lions. The animal and plant life is so rich and diverse here that it’s no wonder it was the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. The Charles Darwin Research Station is also located on this island.

Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II
a close up of a lizard on a rock
Blue footed boobies on the Galapagos Islands

Day two begins with an easy sail to Santa Fe Island, the oldest in the Galapagos archipelago. Find four million year old volcanic rocks in this completely unpopulated gem. You’ll also be able to spot the blue footed boobies from the boat. Today, you’ll see some of the island’s rarest animal species. The Santa Fe mockingbird, rice rat, lizard, frigate birds and marine iguanas are just a few of the animals that call the island home. Walk along a circular trail and find iguanas sunbathing together, along with lava lizards and the Galapagos hawk. 

To see the marine life up close, snorkel in the shallow, crystal clear waters of a small bay here. You’ll see stingrays, sea turtles and sea lions.


Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II
a lizard on a rock
a group of people sitting on a rock next to a body of water

It’s time to cruise along to the North Seymour, where you’ll be greeted by a few snoozing sea lions. The island has a healthy population of land iguanas and you’ll see them crunching on bits of cactus, their favourite food. From the shore, you have the chance to spot tiger and reef sharks swimming close.


Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II
a body of water with a mountain in the background
a penguin standing on a rock next to a body of water

On day four of our Galapagos cruise, we’ll sail to Bartholomew Island at the centre of the Galapagos. This former volcano is famed for its views from land - on a clear day, you can bask in a breath taking 360 degree view over 10 islands from the top of a steep stairway.  Among the eroded volcano remains of Pinnacle Rock, you’ll see why the Galapagos Islands have a reputation for being otherworldly. In the shade of the Rock awaits one of the most surreal and impressive snorkelling spots of the entire Galapagos. Dive in and find more sea lions, giant octopi, white tip sharks and a friendly colony of the rare Galapagos Penguins among fascinating lava and rock formations.


Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II
a large body of water with a mountain in the background

Today, your Isabella II Cruise in the fascinating Galapagos Islands comes to a close. Capture your last moments and bid farewell to the sleepy sea lions before departing from Baltra Airport. 



  • All meals and soft drinks
  • Guided excursions on the island in English
  • Transfers in Galapagos
  • Shared transfers from main hotels in Quito and in Quayaquil to the airport for flights to/from Galapagos

Not included

  • Beverages
  • Galapagos Islands National Park entrance fee ($100 per person, subject to change without prior advise).
  • Transit Control Card in Galapagos ($20 per person).
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for guides and crew