Forts and Temples New Dehli

Delhi's stunning forts and temples

New Delhi is home to many historic forts and temples that form an important part of India's heritage and culture.

Red Fort

This UNESCO World Heritage site is composed of vibrant rust-red sandstone walls that tower above the bustle of Old Delhi. Initially built to keep invaders out, the ancient Red Fort dates from the 17th century and now brings in flocks of tourists. Enter through Lahore Gate, a symbol of India's national identity, and head to the vaulted arcade of Chatta Chowk to experience an authentic Indian bazaar filled with hawkers and vendors. You can also visit the Drum House, the white marble Hall of Private Audiences and the Pearl Mosque.

Lotus Temple

Named such for its unique lotus flower shape, Lotus Temple is made of marble, dolomite and sand and is a stunning piece of architecture. This serene temple welcomes visitors of all races and religions, and is a fantastic, peaceful place to meditate among the tranquil surroundings. 

The India Gate

The national monument of India, this red and pale sandstone and granite gate was inspired by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and commemorates the 90,000 solders of the British Indian Army who died in World War I. 

Humayun's Tomb

This UNESCO World Heritage Site host the first Garden Tomb on the Indian Subcontinent. Built as a resting place for the Mughal Emperor Humayun. Alongside the Emperor, over 150 Mughal family members were buried on this site, making it the densest ensemble of medieval Islamic buildings in India.