Sliding Rocks of Racetrack Playa

Mysterious stunning beauty

While nobody knows how, the rocks at Racetrack Playa do indeed slide. Nestled in a remote valley in Death Valley National Park, these rocks can be found on the floor of the almost perfectly flat, dried-out lake bed; some weighing as much as several hundred pounds. Leaving long trails behind them, the theory is that rare rainfall turns the 'playa' muddy and slippery, then wind propels the rocks into motion, dragging them across the ground, but, mysteriously, nobody has ever actually seen them move.

The road to the Racetrack Playa is rough and remote, and standard rental vehicles are often not insured. Make sure you check with the rental company before you make the 28 mile, 3 hour journey out to see these mysterious rock formations up close. However for those still wanting to make the journey, there are local tour companies that can help you explore.

Essential Information

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