The Venado Caves

Located within Arenal Volcano National Park, these limestone caves are filled with mystical stalactites and stalagmites, caverns, fossils, rivers and subterranean creatures. They stretch for 2,700 metres and were formed some 15 to 20 million years ago. Take a tour to explore the limestone rock formations and see interesting creatures.

The caves offer an adventure with a difference during your Costa Rica holiday, as you venture into an eight-chamber labyrinth of rock formations, bugs, bats and grottos. You'll be provided with safety gear and equipment and it's a fascinating excursion for the whole family. The caves weren't discovered until the 1940's and since then, they've become a popular exploration spot for those who want to see what lies beneath Costa Rica. Book your trip and discover a mystical underground world that you're sure to remember for years to come.