Ostional Wildlife Refuge

Located just south of paradisiacal Playa Azul, this wildlife refuge offers a safe nesting site for olive ridley, leatherback and green turtles. Turtles nest throughout the year here so you can see when female turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

In the rainy season, the week before the new moon, hundreds if not thousands of sea turtles head to the shores of one specific mile of beach at Ostional to dig their eggs into the black, volcanic sand. The refuge was created in 1984 to protect the animals and their nesting site with the largest ever arribada attracting approximately 500,000 females at once. Generally, the turtles start to arrive on shore from sunset until around 6am the next morning and deposit between 80-100 soft-shelled, white eggs. During the nesting season, which occurs between August and November, turtles appear almost every night but if you don't want to visit after dark, you can still stroll along the beach during the day and see the eggs. 

If you are visiting at nighttime, be sure to arrange a formal trip with a guide and be aware that flash photography is strictly prohibited.