• Costa Rica Monteverde


Monteverde Costa Rica

A Fascinating Ecosystem In The Clouds

The Monteverde is home to cloud forests, coffee plantations, host to monkeys and sloths among its 100 species of mammals, and 400 species of birds, thousands upon thousands of insects and more than 2,500 types of plants. Orchids grown in their abundance here, with over 420 species. Sitting on top of Costa Rica's continental divide, Monteverde looks down on the towns running along the country's shoreline. The constant cloud coverage is due to its high altitude at 1,440 metres above sea level causing a high level of moisture. The fog created by this moisture, catches on the tall trees and drops down on to the flora and fauna below. Spend a few days exploring this fascinating ecosystem, with it’s verdant, mountainous landscape. This can be done walking one of the trails taking a trams or a tree canopy tour.