• Wild Goose Pagoda


Terracotta Army, City Wall and Wild Goose Pagoda - Full day tour

This full day private tour visits the Terracotta Army, City Wall and Wild Goose Pagoda and includes lunch at a local restaurant.

Perhaps one of the most famous archaeological discoveries of the 20th Century – Xi’an’s Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are listed as a UNESCO site of world cultural heritage.

Altogether over 7000 pottery soldiers, horse, chariots and weapons have been unearthed from the site and archaeologists continue to work the site to this day. Visit the museum to see these fantastic sculptures for yourself and get an idea of what the imperial guard would have looked like in ancient China.

For a further insight into ancient Xi’an, visit the City Wall to see one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world. Originally built during the Tang Dynasty, the wall was expanded at the bequest of the 1st emperor of the Ming Dynasty and is the most complete city wall that has survived in China. As you explore the museum’s exhibition halls you will find an impressive array of ancient relics and mural paintings.

Finally end your tour at the impressive Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Originally built in 652 during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty this ancient structure has been well preserved and is considered a holy place for Buddhists.

This excursion departs Wednesday to Monday and is based on a minimum of 2 passengers.