Hong Kong Cruises

Luxury cruising and fine dining

Luxury cruising is an extremely convenient way to visit multiple destinations – whilst only having to unpack once. Each morning wake up in a new exciting place to explore. Occasionally there may be a whole day at sea, but with so many activities on-board this time will always be well spent.

See a show, catch some rays by the pool, book an indulgent spa treatment, partake in some retail therapy, or even book a class and learn a new skill! One thing is for sure, cruising is wonderfully social and can be as busy or relaxed as you like.

These cruises either start or finish their voyage in Hong Kong.  The magnificent Victoria Harbour and stunning skyline will leave you in awe.  This vibrant city offers a wide range of things to do. In fact, simply walking around the busy streets is an exhilarating experience – where you can buy anything from a handmade suit and fancy jewellery, to the latest electronic gizmo.

We would recommend a hotel stay in Hong Kong, either before or after your cruise – and if time is limited – be inspired by our guide to 48 hours in Hong Kong.