• Atacama Desert


Atacama Salt Lake Chile

This inland salt lake is set in the driest desert in the world and is the largest salt flat in Chile. The lake is surrounded by mountains and dominated by large volcanoes. Covering 1,200 square miles, this is the third largest salt flat in the world with an average elevation of 2,300 metres. 

Despite its dryness, the Atacama Salt Lake, or ‘Salar de Atacama’ does feature lakes, most notable is one formed by a sink hole that has a salt concentration of up to 28 percent, meaning bathers can expect a floating sensation, similar to that of the dead sea in the Middle East. The nearest town to the salt lake is San Pedro de Atacama which around 35 miles to the north. 

Although the Salt Lake is located in a desert region, summer temperatures rarely go beyond 30 degrees, and sit at around 18 in the winter during the day, due to the elevation however, some visitors maybe experience mild altitude sickness.