Chiang Rai's Hill Tribes

Hill tribes have settled around Chiang Rai for hundreds of years, including the Akha, Lisu, Lahu Shi and Skaw, and Karen. These tribes follow their own customs, religions and cultures distinct from the rest of Thailand. Numerous tours depart Chiang Rai for local hill tribe settlements, visiting scenic locations where village folk are ready for tourists with local crafts in hand. Venture further away from Chiang Rai to the more isolated villages for a more authentic experience, where residents live close to nature and homes are built from local, handmade materials.

We recommend visiting the Hill Tribe Museum and Education Centre, helping to promote a better understanding of the hill tribes and their cultures. There is a wealth of information on the various hill tribes and exhibits show information such as typical clothing for major hill tribes, examples of how bamboo is used, folk implements, and anthropological objects. The centre also runs hill tribe tours so you can get a real glimpse of how the tribes people live.