Visit Chiang Mai's temples

Chiang Mai is home to around 300 Buddhist temples, some of which are older than the 700-year-old city itself. The temples reflect the heritage of Northern Thailand, the kingdom of Lanna and Sri Lanka.

Wat Phra Singh

This regal temple is the most popular to visit in Chiang Mai and thanks to its stunning exterior, it's not hard to see why. Otherwise known as 'The Temple of the Lion Buddha', this revered, spiritual sanctuary welcomes pilgrims that continue to flock here to see the famous Lion Buddha, housed in a small chapel within the temple's grounds. Thought to have been brought to the shrine in 1367, the gold statue blends seamlessly into its surroundings that are also patterned with gold. 

Wat Chedi Luang

Although not as grand, Wat Chedi Luang stands taller than most of its temple peers and provides a powerfully atmospheric experience to those who visit. Once home to the famed Phra Kaew, or Emerald Buddha, this shrine has been restored over the years following 16th century disasters such as earthquakes and the improvements are still being worked on today. In the main sanctuary, you'll find a standing Buddha statue known as Phra Chao Attarote and you'll find local monks as they converge under the trees and meet with travellers. 

Wat Chiang Man

As Chiang Mai's oldest temple, Wat Chiang Man is a must-see. Now home to the oldest known Buddha image created by the Lanna kingdom, you'll also find marble carvings believed to be more than 1,000 years old.