• Chichen Itza


Spectacular Scenery

The fabulous coastline is merely the beginning of your Central and South American adventure. Follow in the footsteps of explorers from years gone by when you venture into the jungles of Mexico to stand among ancient ruins like Chichen Itza that have lain undiscovered for hundreds of years. 

Experience the wonder of monkeys chattering in the canopy of verdant rainforest, while toucans and scarlet macaws swoop in a colourful whirl around you. Perhaps the Galapagos Islands near Ecuador will tempt you with its spectacular ecosystem? 

Costa Rica is the eco-tourism capital of the world, where you can discover active volcanoes at first hand while riding on horseback; or marvel at unspoilt havens such as Fernando de Noronha, the stunning archipelago in Brazil

Peru is as famous for the vibrant culture of its capital city Lima as it is for the Sacred Valley in the Andes called Machu Picchu. Just off the coast of Chile, you'll also find the enigmatic Easter Island where ancient monoliths stare patiently across the landscape.