Exotic Culture

Throughout the region, there are quaint colonial towns with lively plazas and palatial haciendas all waiting to be explored.

Costa Rica is legendary for its picturesque cities complete with fantastic nightlife and fascinating museums. Places such as San Jose are widely touted as cultural hotspots despite its busy traffic and concrete structures; its historic neighbourhoods are worth a visit along with various contemporary art galleries, restaurants and boutique hotels and clubs. 

The cosmopolitan flavour continues further south amid the sizzle of steaks and the steamy tango sales of Buenos Aires, rightly nicknamed the 'Paris of South America'. Soak up the designer shops and colonial-laced streets and enjoy the sophisticated, romantic atmosphere to this buzzing city. 

But, if your soul moves to the beat of a different tune, try Cidade Maravilhosa - or 'Marvellous City' - in Rio de Janeiro. Here, the world-famous Carnival storms the streets as the sounds of samba becomes the sound of your holiday in Brazil.

No matter where you go in Central and South America, the exotic culture is sure to enchant you.