Caribbean – Things to do

Caribbean Attractions

The Caribbean isn’t easily categorised. A corner of the world where culture-filled colonial cities rub shoulders with palm-fringed, castaway beaches, it’s as diverse as you’d expect from a collection of 7,000 islands. But there’s an undeniable vibrancy that runs through the region’s veins, and somehow manages to tie it all together. Perhaps it’s the reggae, perhaps it’s the rum. Either way: it’s incredibly infectious.

Caribbean Cuisine

No trip to the Caribbean would be complete without sampling the mouth-watering selection of flavours and types of food that are on offer here. From Jerk Chicken, Ackee and saltfish from Jamaica to curried goat roti in Barbados; discover a la carte dining and local street food while you taste your way around the Caribbean.

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Sail away

Fancy sailing around beautiful islands, stopping off to snorkel or finding a hidden beach to walk barefoot along with your loved ones? A luxury yacht charter will offer you just that, and allow you to island-hop from one idyllic Caribbean island to another.

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Reggae drummer


Sip a cool coconut water to a soundtrack of calypso and soca in Tobago and the steel pan drum at the local Friday Fish Fry on each island. Ska is a music genre combining American jazz, rhythm and blues with elements of Caribbean mento and calypso. Then of course there's Reggae; the name on every visitor’s lips – Jamaica is, after all, the home of Bob Marley – but it’s just the tip of the musical iceberg in the Caribbean.

St Lucia

Be one with Nature

Mother Nature lavished a whole lot of love on the Caribbean. Peer through Devil’s Bridge in Antigua and you’re looking at the ocean’s own handiwork – the sea carved this vast limestone arch over millions of years. Or, climb to the tip of Gros Piton, one of St Lucia’s two rainforest-shrouded, volcanic peaks.

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Islands of The Bahamas


Why just visit one island when you can see more? With ferries, water taxis, private yacht charters and many flights less than 1 hour you can easily see several Caribbean islands on one fantastic holiday.

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