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St Lucia and Grenada Multi Centre Holiday

Make the most of your time in the Caribbean with a sun soaked multi-centre holiday to Saint Lucia and Grenada. Both islands offer both sublime natural beauty and plenty of activities, providing you with an island-hopping holiday that’s as action-packed or as relaxing as you’d like it to be.

Saint Lucia is an island of natural beauty, and many of the activities available embrace that. Take a trek up the picture perfect Piton Peaks, which are two mountainous plugs that wouldn’t look out of place in a blockbuster movie. Wildlife lovers should embark on a whale watching boat trip to observe the gentle giants cruising slowly through the waters.

A special place, Grenada offers a laid back community vibe and you’ll feel welcome as soon as you step onto the island. Spend your days chasing waterfalls, indulging at the Belmont Estate Chocolate Factory and sampling flavoursome rum at the River Antoine distillery. For nature lovers, a tube ride along the flowing Balthazar River is an experience to remember.

Both islands are home to plenty of beautiful sandy beaches too. For those days when you want to lounge underneath the warm rays of the sun with a good read, head to the nearest pretty shoreline.

British Airways offer a double drop flight to Saint Lucia and Grenada, making transferring between the two paradise islands smooth and carefree. Boasting incredible weather and plenty to do, both islands are loved by couples and families alike too.


10 days

Guide Price

 £3,599  pp
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Trip highlights

  • Climb the verdant Piton Peaks and admire panoramic views in Saint Lucia
  • Sample world famous rum in Grenada’s rum distilleries
  • Explore Saint Lucia on foot by navigating the island’s many adventurous trails
  • Embrace the laid back island life on Grenada’s white sand beaches
The Pitons in the evening

Filled with luscious rainforests, looming mountain peaks and postcard perfect beaches, Saint Lucia is the ideal setting for adventurers wanting to explore incredible natural beauty and those seeking a relaxed destination to unwind in.

One of Saint Lucia’s most renowned areas of natural beauty is the verdant Piton Peaks. If you’re up to the challenge you can climb them for panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes from sky high heights.

Thrill seeker? Then why not zip line through Saint Lucia’s brilliant green trees to admire the island’s beautiful scenery from a different perspective?

Snug in the heart of Rodney Bay, The Bay Gardens Beach Resort is an ideal place to stay as you’re deep in the hub of all the action. When you fancy taking it easy, you can stay in the resort and pull up a comfy sun lounger, relishing in the warm hospitality of the resort.

Beach Aerial View Cr Grenada TB
Grenada Islands

After adventuring in Saint Lucia, where better to unwind than on the white sand beaches of Grenada? The spice island is renowned as a blissful holiday destination, fringed with idyllic beaches and surrounded by sparkling blue waters.

Consider a stay at the Coyaba Beach Resort, which sits on the Grande Anse Beach. Offering a peaceful and laid back atmosphere, it’s the ideal spot for a relaxing island getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For those wanting to continue the adventure, there’s plenty to do away from the sandy shorelines and crystal clear waters.

If the taste of rum tantalizes your tongue, visit the distilleries that are scattered across the island. Or shopaholics should head to the Saturday markets in St. Georges to browse for local souvenirs and gifts.

Sweet tooth? A visit to the Belmont Estate Chocolate factory is a must. Sample the good stuff while you learn how it’s crafted locally.