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Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo and La Romana Multi Centre Holiday

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and spectacular settings of the Dominican Republic on our Santo Domingo and La Romana twin centre holiday. Being by exploring the 16th Century colonial architecture in Santo Domingo – the Dominican Republic’s capital – before enjoying the relaxed beach resort of La Romana.

The best time to enjoy our Dominican Republic multi-centre holiday is between December and late February. The heat of the summer will have died down and the atmosphere is dry, perfect for lazy days on the beach. You can also visit in July and August, when you’ll find balmy weather conditions but slightly more people.

On our Dominican Republic multi-centre you’ll see more than just spectacular beaches. Begin in Santo Domingo, the island’s capital, where you’ll find a lively culture and interesting history. The city’s home to Spanish architecture, the Caribbean’s first cathedral and the oldest surviving European fortress.

Next, we’ll head to La Romana, which can be found on the peaceful south east coast of the island. It’s home to soft sandy beaches and some excellent five star resorts with all the amenities you’ll need for a relaxed beach break.

12 days
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Trip highlights

  • See the 16th century Spanish architecture of historic Santo Domingo
  • Relax on the soft white sands of one of the island’s most beautiful beaches
  • Visit the Caribbean’s oldest cathedral and the oldest remaining European fortress
  • Sea kayak, snorkel or scuba dive to explore the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea
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Located on the south coast of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is the island’s coastal capital. It’s steeped in colonial history, as a former Spanish territory which is home to cobbled streets and some beautiful buildings.

Spend your days wandering around the city on foot, taking in the cobbled streets and colourful buildings in its historic area, Zona Colonial (colonial zone). Visit the Caribbean’s oldest cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Meno and explore the oldest surviving European fortress – the Fortaleza Ozama.

Head to the more modern areas of the city for an insight into the locals’ modern way of life. You can see them haggle for goods in the markets, or relax in a lively bar or café as you enjoy delicious Dominican dishes. The whole city pops with colour, including the locals who wear beautiful colourful dress as they go about their everyday lives.

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La Romana offers visitors a chance to see the ‘real Dominican Republic’. It’s home to the picture perfect soft sandy beaches, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and swaying palms you picture when you think of the island.

There are luxury resorts galore here. All have their own range of facilities, including serene spas, beautiful grounds, private sandy beaches and excellent restaurants. Spend your days relaxing while everything is taken care of for you, or head out on the water for some activities. You can sea kayak around the coast, see the underwater wildlife with snorkelling or scuba diving, or head further along the coast for some surfing.

For a sense of the area’s culture, head to Altos de Chavon. Here you’ll find replica European architecture in 16th century style, although the village is only 40 years old. Wander the cobbled roads and find yourself in the archaeological museum where you can learn about the local Taino Tribe and their history and way of life. The village amphitheatre is a must – Frank Sinatra once performed here.