The Pitons


Natural Beauty

Waterfalls, caves, volcanoes, coral reefs

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The Caribbean's 7,000 isles are dripping with natural treasures. Not just another sun, sand and sea destination, there is so much more to the Caribbean. Hike or hire a car for the day to explore more and see the natural wonders that cover the islands.

In Jamaica, the world-famous Dunns River Falls descend like giant steps into the Caribbean Sea. Meanwhile, the limestone formation of Antigua's Devil's Bridge forms a natural arch over the ocean and Harrison's Cave in Barbados is an underground world of streams, waterfalls, pools, and rock formations. And, at 750 metres, the green Piton peaks are a constant reminder that you are in St Lucia. 

The islands of the Caribbean are gloriously rich in natural assets and the people are very proud of their eco-credentials.