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Canada has a wildlife encounter to suit you

From lumbering moose and salmon-poaching grizzly bears to barnacled whales, there are few better places in the world to get up close to these animals in their natural habitat. Join wildlife watching trips from Vancouver or Victoria, or get really close to nature in Banff and Jasper in the Rockies. Whether your trip is by seaplane or high speed boat, seeing the Canadian wildlife is one experience not to be missed.

Whale and dolphin watching
Whether you do it by boat or kayak, Canada’s endless coastline means plenty of opportunities for whale and dolphin tours. The best whale watching is in British Columbia, home to one of the world’s highest populations of orcas as well as grey, minke and humpbacks. You can also head to New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy, one of the world's most prized marine biospheres, to see migratory whales including finbacks and the protected North Atlantic Right Whale. 

Bear watching
Seeing bears in the wild is one of Canada’s most thrilling experiences. Grizzlies are found in British Columbia, feeding on salmon, plants and berries. Meanwhile black bears can be seen in most parts of the country and you may even spot them at the side of quieter roads. There are more than 250 provincial parks in Canada that protect almost 600 species, so take a summer hike in the stunning Canadian wilderness and keep an eye out for the native bears. 

Sea otters
Watch adorable, charismatic sea otters play in the kelp beds off the rocky shores of Vancouver Island, an experience that will warm your heart. With around 2,000 sea otters residing here, you're likely to catch them frolicking in the waters or floating on their backs.

For the best moose spotting, head to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario: particularly highway 60, a known moose viewing hotspot. Take a canoe or hike your way around this stunning natural park while looking out for the gentle giants all the while.

Polar Bears

Getting face to face with polar brars in the wild is one of life's great moments and is completely unique to Churchill, Manitoba. 


Québec's national parks are the best spots to find Canadian beavers, particularly Pointe-Taillon, Jacques-Cartier or Plaisance. Beaver lodges and dams are seen easily enough but spotting the animals themselves might prove more tricky; just keep your eyes peeled. 

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"Seeing the polar bears was a-once-in-a-life time opportunity, seeing these majestic-creatures in their nature is memory that will stay with me forever."