Canada's History and Culture

Canada is steeped in history and brims with culture

From postcard-pretty Victoria to architecturally-brilliant Toronto, Canada is steeped in history and brims with culture.


Canada's capital, Ottawa, is full of national sites and landmarks including the Rideau Canal, as well as many museums that house stunning artefact collections. Offering a peek into Canada's history, Parliament Hill is a popular attractions, home to the country's government and the historic Peace Tower. You can also visit the Canadian War Museum and the prestigious National Gallery of Canada that holds almost 40,000 works; from Inuit sculptures to contemporary installations.


If you're after beautiful architecture, head to Toronto: from the CN Tower to the Royal Ontario Museum, there's plenty to enjoy. Plus, take a step back in time in the Distillery Historic District, home to Victoria-era buildings and more than 40 heritage sites, as well as the famous Gooderham & Worts whiskey distillery. 


Quebec bubbles over with French-Canadian flair, and also houses one of Canada's oldest museums, the Canadian Museum of History. There is perhaps no better place to learn about the country's past and heritage, with more than four million items on display. Old Montreal is also the perfect place to swot up on Canadian history and culture; it's the oldest neighbourhood in the city and offers an incredible blend of old and new.


For a real taste of the Wild West, head to Calgary for Canadian-style cowboys, or visit the Heritage Park Historical Village, Canada's largest living history museum.