Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa

World-renowned golf and spa resort

The Keltic Lodge rises majestically from Nova Scotia’s verdant pine forest in a spectacular setting overlooking the ocean. Dating from 1940, this resort is perhaps best known for being the home of Stanley Thomspon’s famed 18-hole Highlands Links Golf Course, which has been rated by Score Golf as one of the best in Canada. However, there’s much more to enjoy besides just golf thanks to the 5,000 square foot AVEDA spa, outdoor heated swimming pool and superb fishing opportunities. And after a busy day you can look forward to a meal at one of the award-winning restaurants before heading off to your luxurious and homely guest room.

Please note:

This property is located within a state park which requiers a park entry fee of $7 per person (not charged by the hotel).

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Peggys Cove

Hotel highlights

  • Spectacular coastal location
  • Home to Stanley Thompson’s ‘Mountains and Ocean’ course
  • Several exquisite dining venues
  • Enjoy plenty of resort activities including a heated pool
  • Relax at the hotel’s AVEDA spa

Hotel Features

General Information

  • Check-in Time:
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  • 105 rooms

Main Facilities

  • Golf
  • Outdoor pool
  • Wifi

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  • Lodge

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Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa

1218 Reviews 71% of travellers recommended this hotel

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  • Excellent 380
  • Very Good 375
  • Average 242
  • Poor 148
  • Terrible 73

What to Expect

  • Location
  • Sleep Quality
  • Rooms
  • Service
  • Value
  • Cleanliness


Aug 19, 2019

Go for the views...Not much else

Stayed in one of the cottages during our road trip. From afar the place looks amazing. And once you arrive at the resort the view are spectacular. But that’s all that is going for this place. Sure it has a ton of amenities, golf etc. which is probably why it gets its hotel rating but the rooms are terrible from my experience. Not tired, but filthy, filthy. The yellow stains in the bathroom is also due to the fact that the cold water coming out of the faucet is yellow. We were told run the faucet for a while and it would clear—it didn’t. We were told it was still drinkable but didn’t risk it. The manager (K Hurd) sent a crew and his cleaning manager the morning after we arrived to make sure the room was properly cleaned and to look into the water issue after we complained about the state...they got the cobwebs...but it was still filthy afterwards...the ceiling fan was still covered in a thick layer of dust, the tiles not scrubbed etc.. The included breakfast the next day was mediocre at best...skip the eggs benedict...we skipped the entire breakfast on the second day. At the price they are charging you would expect a stay at a really good hotel...What gets me is this place has so much potential because of where it is located but it appears there is no need to update anything because the entire Ingonish area is sold out during the peak months. The management and staff though attentive...don’t really care-and why should they when one can’t find alternatives at peak. This is the first time my family thought it would have been better camping outside. By all means go take in the views, make a day of it the hike (the area is part of the conservation park so accessible to the public). For me, I just wouldn’t stay there again. Pity such a great location.
Aug 17, 2019

Some parts amazing and other sub par

Nashville, Tennessee

Upon arrival, this place is awesome. The views are unsurpassed. What a setting .... right on the cliffs. Water on both sides... the ocean and bay. The pool is set below the resort right on near the ocean. Check-in went well. Our friends were checking in at the same time next to us - their person couldn't have been nicer and detailed. Thankfully!!! Ours was unfriendly and basic... no details shared. So.... then we get to our room. Stuffy!! Wow!! No air. Windows closed. Immediately tried to open bedroom window, which opened easier. However, it did not STAY open. We all tried it; finally I removed a piece of plastic that was used as a support and crammed it in. But, the screen was bent on the outside leaving a gap. And, let me tell you, they have mosquitos. I crammed a piece of a plastic . bag in the crack and told the front desk. Since it was late, they told me someone would be around to take care of it the next day. This NEVER happened. The bathroom window would only stay open by a block of wood. And, our view was only fair - we did have a view of the bay, however, we also had a view of a noisy parking lot. And, with the window open, the parking lot might well have been in our room. The bed was comfortable - woo hoo. That raised it up from a 2 to a 3. Let's talk restaurants. That was such a disappointment. The servers seem young and inexperienced as well as overworked. We made a reservation well ahead of time for dinner at the main restaurant. So, here's how the evening went...... Upon arrival we were directed to the same view as my room. We asked for a view of the ocean and was told that the table was reserved. Asked for a different table ... that one was reserved. What?! They said they were all reserved and it was done ahead of time. Reminded them of our reservation - we were moved one table over... BIG deal. Ordered drinks. Our server was young and didn't know wines. She was reading from a scratch pad. We finally ordered .... and waited and waited...... Then she walked by our table and said "OH your drinks!" .... uh... ya... our drinks. Our wine, a white wine was warm. More angst. So... apps come out fine. Scallops were the worst we'd had on the trip after a week and a half. Tough. Pretty presentation but meh. Entrees arrive.... The server says - "I'm so sorry....they forgot to cook your pork belly" to me. The promised it won't be long. In the meantime, the other 3 are nearly done with their dinner. I continue to wait and wait and wait. Now the other 3 are totally done. She makes eye contact with me - runs in the back and comes out and says "Someone else picked up your pork belly order - I am sorry. They will be making one now and will bring it out to you in 2 to 3 min." My thought 2 to 3 min??? I was still hungry or I would have just cancelled it but told her to bring it and obviously I would not be charged for it. The skillet came out so hot - was there any comment of "hot plate"??? uh... NO. Needless to say, this was a less than memorable last night dinner with our friends from the states. I would have normally anticipated a manager coming out to apologize or have a dessert on the house or better yet, the entire meal compensated. None of this happened. Also of note - the hotel did not have an elevator. This is important to take into consideration with bags, handicapped, etc.
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