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Winnipeg and Churchill Multi Centre Holiday

Contrast a thriving city full of culture and the vast, open landscapes of Canada’s Manitoba province on our Winnipeg and Churchill multi-centre holiday. Explore Winnipeg’s architecture and lively arts scene before heading to Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world.

The best time to visit is during the summer, when you’ll have the best chance of seeing both beluga whales and polar bears.

Begin your multi-centre holiday in Winnipeg. Our experts recommend at least two nights here to give you enough time to make the most of the city. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and cafés, all surrounded by the rugged landscapes the area’s so famous for. You can also simply spend your days wandering through the city, taking in its pretty architecture.

While in Winnipeg, you may be able to catch a glimpse of some beluga whales, especially if you visit in the summer months. They congregate around the pretty Hudson Bay area, which is ideal if you want to enjoy the city’s beautiful natural surroundings as well.

Next, it’s just a short internal flight to Churchill. The town’s well known for its many polar bears, so you’re in for a good chance of seeing these majestic creatures. You can also explore its pretty streets, as well as seeing plenty of rare birds and other animals.

7 days
Best time to go
June to August
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Trip highlights

  • You’ll have the chance to see polar bears and beluga whales in their natural habitats
  • Immerse yourself in Canada’s truly spectacular natural landscapes
  • Enjoy the lively city of Churchill and take in the cultural and arts scene
  • You may see the Northern Lights, as well as some rare birds and other animals
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Winnipeg is a lively hub and home to beautiful natural surroundings. The centre is home to shops, restaurants and galleries which host modern local art. Culture lovers will enjoy wandering through the city, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying its architecture. It’s the ideal place to immerse yourself in Canada’s city culture before heading off to explore the spectacular landscapes.

Spend your days visiting the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which is home to the world’s biggest collection of Inuit art. The city provides an interesting gateway into the First Nations people, as well as Inuit culture. The Forks National Historic is home to a bustling market selling lots of local goods, with a fascinating history which dates back over 6,000 years. If you prefer to immerse yourself in more modern culture, head to the Exchange District. Here you’ll find some beautiful architecture and the city’s quirky arts community.

Northern Lights, Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill has made its name as the polar bear capital of the world, but it offers so much more than a chance to see these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. This eco friendly city is full of unique experiences to be had.

Whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife in Churchill. You can see polar bears in their natural habitats, as they relax in the freezing waters or hunt for seals and other food. In the Hudson Bay, you can soak in the beautiful views of the choppy ocean and enjoy the chance to see beluga whales as they come to the surface for air.

If you’re visiting in winter you’ll find plenty of activities, including dog sledding, as well as some incredible wildlife. The summer offers the chance to see the “midnight sun”, with its long days where the sun hardly sets. You may also be able to see the Northern Lights on an excursion from Churchill.