Wildlife in Banff

Wildlife waiting to be discovered

The wildlife of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is as iconic as the landscape itself. Hiding among the cragged peaks, snow-capped summits and lush forest lie a plethora of animal and bird species, making the local wildlife as much of a draw to Banff as it's awe-inspiring mountains. 

Part of the magic of visiting Banff National Park is not knowing what you'll see and when: so it's important to always have your eyes peeled as you wander the landscapes to make sure you don't miss an exciting sighting. Banff is home to everything from marmots, beavers and porcupines to elk, mountain goats, moose, grizzly and black bears. 

Getting up early pays off: head into the mountains first thing and you're likely to see many of the park's animal residents. Active feeding times, around two hours before sunset, is also a great time to see some of the animals and birds as they scurry around looking for food. If you're looking for the best time of year to visit Banff for wildlife spotting, May to June proves successful as many animals, including bears, arise from winter hibernation and start hunting for food.