Sailing, Snorkelling & Diving - The British Virgin Islands

Picture yourself on tranquil waters

Tranquil waters that lap softly against your yacht’s hull as the sun shines above. The British Virgin Islands are a picture perfect beach destination for sailors of all levels. Paradise at sea.

World class sailing

The British Virgin Islands are part of a volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean. There are four main islands and numerous smaller ones to explore on land or by sea and  the islands are well known for their reef-lined beaches. Sailing is the most popular pastime in these islands and is arguably the most famous sailing destination in the world. Picture tranquil waters, darting rainbow fish, white-sand beaches and towering palm trees. Add to this some enticing beach bars along the coastline and quieter uninhabited islands worth exploring. You’ll be spoilt for choice with scenic places to lay anchor, with well-equipped marinas and consistent trade winds. With idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters, this is a sailor’s paradise. Why not charter a boat to provides access to some breathtaking islands and cays that may not be available on existing ferry routes. Climb aboard a yacht from Tortola and sample the island’s favourite tipple, a rum and pineapple cocktail called a Painkiller.

Snorkelling and diving

Throughout the British Virgin Islands you’ll find wonderful opportunities to discover the marine life of the archipelago. Visit Anegada, a beautiful coral atoll that’s especially great for snorkelling or diving among its reefs.