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Rio De Janeiro Gardens and National Parks

Home to a wonderful array of wildlife, Rio de Janeiro has a number of beautiful spots to wander, spot animals and birds and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Botanic Gardens

Founded in 1807, these historic gardens are home to over 8,000 species of flora, forming one of the most important collections of tropical plants around. Wander along pathways lined with imperial palms, past a pond of giant water lilies, and through the sensory garden. As well as the orchids, bromeliads and insectivorous plants, you'll have the chance to spot animals including monkeys, birds and butterflies.

Tijuca National Park

Rio's 15-square-mile national park is the world's largest urban forest with its thick vegetation forming part of the city-scape. Animals and plants to be found here include orchids, eucalyptus, monkeys, butterflies and parrots. Enjoy a guided walk or trail to reveal stunning waterfalls and panoramic viewpoints overlooking the city below.