• Okavango Delta


Okavango Delta

A safari like no other in Africa

Located in Botswana, the Okavango Delta is one of the world’s great inland waterways. The meandering Okavango River empties onto the open land of the Kalahari, creating a fertile landscape of spectacular flora and fauna.

Traverse the labyrinth of papyrus-fringed waterways, islands, and channels in a mokoro (canoe) and see Botswana’s big game and diverse bird species up-close and personal. This vast, wildlife-rich region is the largest intact inland delta in the world, boasting species such as the African bush elephant, lion, cheetah, giraffe, Nile crocodile, and black and white rhinoceros.

Situated deep within the Kalahari Basin, the flow of water continually transforms the landscape revitalising a vast ecosystem that teems with plant and wildlife.   Vast papyrus beds punctuated by phoenix palms that dominate the region, where you’ll also discover colourful local fishing villages that line the western fringes of the delta. This truly is an immense sanctuary for Africa’s most iconic animals. 

Essential Information

  • Ages:  All ages
  • Duration:  2-3 days

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Specialist

Paddling along the Okavango's waterways in a Mokoro (traditional canoe) to get up close to hippos and crocodiles is immense. The Mokoros allow you to get to places that cannot be reached by vehicle, foot or air.