• Punakha Dzong, Bhutan


Punakha Dzong Bhutan

The perfect location to discover Buddhist existance

The second largest and second oldest dzong in Bhutan, the Punakha Dzong is arguably the most beautiful due to its picturesque location where two rivers meet.

This elaborate building of white, red and gold houses Bhutan’s most treasured possession, the Rangjung Kharsapani; an image of the Buddhist deity, Chenrezig. Although this treasure is closed to the public, the rest of the building is open to be explored.

Its history stretches back hundreds of years, its significance is unquestioned with every King having been crowned here and it still serves as the winter residence of the dratshang. 

Top Tips from our Experts

"Visit Punakha Dzong in April/May when the Jacaranda trees are in full blossom, their distinct violet flowers make for an amazing scene in the valley."