Crystal Caves Bermuda

Stunning natural attraction

One of the largest and most famous caves on the island, Crystal Caves is one of Bermuda's most stunning natural attractions thanks to its plethora of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites, naturally formed from the limestone rocks.

Thought to be around 30 million years old, the Crystal Caves were discovered by chance in 1907 and is now one of the island's most popular attractions. As you enter the caves, crystal-clear blue pools greet you along with a subterranean lake, chandeliers of stalactites and other beautiful limestone formations. It's an unforgettable sight for all ages.

Walsingham Nature Reserve, or known locally as the Tom Moores’s Jungle, is a 12 acre reserve filled with lush forest, caves and the oldest restaurant on the island. Here you’ll be able to spot several bird species and even take a swim in one of the natural swimming grottoes.