Bermuda's Cuisine

A taste of the ocean

Surrounded by the vast Atlantic, it is no surprise that Bermudian cuisine uses a lot of seafood. Make sure you try the Bermuda lobster and other fresh-caught seafood like rockfish, red snapper and yellowtail. Dishes are a mixture of American, British and Caribbean influences, with a lot of food imported from the USA. Traditional foods include cassava pie, sweet potato pudding, bay grape jelly and loquat jam. The local Gosling's Black Seal rum, meanwhile, is a potent base for the famous ginger beer cocktail known as a Dark and Stormy.

Codfish and Potatoes
Usually dished up as a big family breakfast before church on Sundays, this traditional favourite is made by simmering salted cod and potatoes, smothering them in a tomato and onion sauce, and serving them up with avocado, banana and boiled egg on the side.

Making good use of all that fresh seafood, Bermudians love a good fish chowder. Starting with a flavourful stock made from deboned fish, the chowder is infused with sherry peppers (hot bird peppers marinated in sherry, herbs, and spices) and black rum.

Hoppin' John
Also known as peas ‘n’ rice, this comfort food dish contains rice cooked with beans or black-eyed peas, as well as Bermuda onion, bacon or chicken and sliced Portuguese sausage.


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