Bermuda – Things to do

Things to do in Bermuda

Bermuda may be small, but it still has plenty to offer in terms of things to see, do and experience. Whether you're learning about Bermuda's blend of culture, relaxing in a spa, searching for an adrenaline rush, shopping in the quirky boutiques in Hamilton or just kicking back with a Rum Swizzle in the sun - there is something to suit everyone. We have selected just a few of our favourites below.

Bermuda Beaches

Hayes & Jarvis makes sure every trip is tailored to the individual. There’s no such thing as a standard holiday when you book your Bermudan trip with us. With 138 islands to explore, sample the finest sights on each one as you discover hidden beaches, dive for shipwrecks and hike along breath taking trails. Holidays can be both relaxing and packed with activity to satisfy your desires.

Bike or Hike

Nature trails wind their way through forests and along the coast. Coopers Island Nature Reserve and South Shore Park are just two of several locations offering remarkable trails for the adventurous to try. Hire a push bike and cover more ground. With 54 square kilometres to cover, nowhere is out of bounds.

Bermuda Arboretum

Discover the wildlife in hiding at Bermuda Arboretum, where walking trails wind through rubber trees and avocado trees, giving opportunities to spot bluebirds and cardinals. Filled with glorious greenery throughout the year, it’s an unmissable and peaceful sight.

Rail Trail National Park

Take steps along the old railway line from one end of Bermuda to the other. Hire a bicycle to make sure you don’t miss any of its charming 29km length. This is an eye opening way to stretch your legs.

Bermuda’s Crystal Caves

Escape from the sun and head deep into the Crystal Caves. Walk across the bridge suspended over the Crystal Cave, marvelling at the clear water and formations beneath. The Fantasy Cave can also be explored, offering another view of mineral deposits formed over 30 million years.

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