Bermuda – Best time to go

Best time to visit Bermuda

The best time to book your holiday to Bermuda is between April and May.

Temperatures in Bermuda become hotter from June onwards, with higher night time temperatures and a greater chance of rain.

  • Average highest daytime temperature – 22°C
  • Average lowest night time temperature – 18°C
  • Average monthly rainfall – 87mm
  • Average daylight hours - 13

What is the Bermudan weather like from April to May?

Bermuda has a sub-tropical climate. Rainfall is low from April to May, and the water temperature is starting to climb. Daytime temperatures are not too hot, while it remains cool and comfortable at night. You can also enjoy 13 hours of daylight every day.

Why head for Bermuda between April and May?

  • Enjoy a quieter break just before the peak season begins
  • Plenty of sunshine is ideal for lazing on the beach
  • April and May offer the lowest rainfall of the year, before hurricane season starts
  • Clear water makes this a popular time for divers and snorkellers to explore the depths