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You Will Be Spoiled For Choice With Wildlife Encounters In The Bahamas

The Bahamas is home to a thriving wildlife scene, with stunning natural beauty and wonderful landscapes at every turn.

Lucayan National Park

Forming part of the world’s largest underwater cave system, Lucayan National Park covers more than 40-acres and is a must-see if you’re visiting Grand Bahama Island. Thought of as the island’s crown jewel, Lucayan National Park is the best spot to see and snap majestic pine trees, magnificent mangroves and dozens of rare flowers including delicate orchids. A visit to the park will also treat you to plenty of Bahamian wildlife, including flitting bats and stunning birds such as the Thick-billed Vireo and the Olive-capped Warbler, both of which are rare to see. If you’re a keen diver, Lucayan National Park offers an underwater experience like no other; you must be an open water certified diver and tours will be supervised but it’s a fantastic way to see the underwater world that Lucayan hides beneath the surface. If you prefer to stay above water, you can dip your toes in the warm seas, soak up the stunning views and go shell-hunting whilst lapping up the park’s natural beauty. 

Experience Dolphin Encounters

Located on Blue Lagoon Island, make your dream of swimming with dolphins a reality at Dolphin Encounters; the best way to meet your new sea life friends up close. Located just three miles from Nassau, Blue Lagoon Island offers breathtakingly clear seas and a secluded, hidden lagoon for an experience like no other. It’s virtually untouched and you’ll be offered the most natural experience possible with the friendly Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. With a professional team on board to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment on camera, you’ll never forget the moment you dipped into the Bahamian waters and swam side by side with one of the ocean’s most graceful creatures. 

Explore Underwater Caves

Hiding beneath the Bahamas’ crystal blue waters, there lies a fascinating underwater cave world just waiting to be explored. A trip to the Caribbean wouldn’t be complete without a spot of diving and the underwater cave formations are filled with every type of marine life you can imagine. We recommend visiting Lucayan National Park; a sight that forms part of the world’s largest underwater cave system covering more than 40 acres. Don your snorkel and mask to discover what lies underneath the surface in the Bahamas. 

Deep Sea and Bone Fishing

It might be known as the Bahamas’ sailing capital but the Abacos islands are also ideal for those looking to do a spot of fishing, whether you’re a deep-sea fanatic or a first time caster. As one of the most popular tourist attractions thanks to the Bahamas’ sparkling, glass-like waters and thriving marine life, it’s no wonder deep sea and bone fishing are so popular across the islands. Teeming with prize fish, take to the waters with a trained and licensed guide to discover the catch of the day or even charter a boat yourself if you fancy some headspace. The Bahamian sea offers an idyllic place to capture both deep-sea species, such as sailfish and tuna, as well as bonefish. 

Versailles Gardens and French Cloisters

Offering a peaceful spot of tranquillity with a distinct European vibe, the Versailles Gardens and French Cloisters feature a stunning multi-terraced garden with lily pad-scattered ponds and a backdrop of vibrant greenery. Perfect for a reflective moment or to step away from the bustling Paradise Island beaches, the grand architecture is a sight to behold with its beautifully manicured lawns and authentic 12th century monastery. Breathe in the fragrant smells and take a serene stroll around Paradise Island’s hidden heaven.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Boasting the world’s second largest coral reef and famous for its pristine beauty, breathtaking scenery and brilliant turquoise waters, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park will leave you speechless. Here, you can swim with turtles, see rainbow-coloured reefs and discover an underwater universe that spans more than 170 miles. It’s a mecca for divers and snorkelers, with daily boat dives and shallow reef snorkelling available whilst those who prefer dry land can soak up the stunning vistas and beautiful beaches at their own pace. If you’re combining your Bahamas trips with a visit to New York or Miami, this is the perfect place to unwind, relax and recharge.  

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