• an island in the middle of a body of water

The Abacos and The Exumas

There are 700 hundred islands in the Bahamas, only 30 of which are inhabited, making the Bahamas an island hoppers dream destination. Start the adventure in The Abacos, this 120-mile long chain of islands are well connected and surrounded calm waters and warm breezes. No matter which islands you visit there is plenty to see and do, from the iconic candy striped lighthouse in Marsh Harbour and typically Bahamian pastel buildings to masterfully hand-crafted boats and vast rum collections. Be sure to pack your camera as wherever you go, you will be surrounded by phenomenal views. Next stop is The Exumas, home to friendly and outgoing residents who genuinely enjoy welcoming tourists to their islands. Affectionately known as; The Bond Islands, this collection of 365 islands features a multitude of deserted beaches with bright white sands and deep aquamarine waters that encircle lush tropical flora. It is no surprising therefore that locals often make their living off the land, farming and fishing. Combine these two island groups and discover the real Bahamas; vibrant, carefree and spectacular.

15 days

Guide Price

 £3,209  pp
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an island in the middle of a body of water

Trip highlights

  • Deep sea fishing and boat trips
  • Take the day trip to meet the swimming pigs, iguanas and nurse sharks
  • Visit the under populated islands with warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Spending at least an afternoon of Tropic of Cancer Beach

Exploring The Abacos is simple. Lively Marsh Harbour, found on Great Abaco is the main gateway to the outlying cays, each with its own ‘must see’. Treasure Cay boasts mile of pristine beaches and a championship golf course, whilst Man-O-War Cay is the boat building capital dating back to the 1800s, boats are hand crafted without plans. Green Turtle Cay, amongst others is an old English Loyalist settlements with beautifully preserved colonial architecture, pastel coloured homes with white picket fences. Whilst on Elbow Cay take time to visit the traditional-style lighthouse, one of only a handful worldwide that is manually operated. On Sundays there is nothing better than heading to Guana Cay for a barbeque on the sands dunes overlooking the seven mile beach.

Originally known as Yumey and Suma scattered with footprint-free shores, this island series is a dream destination. The Exuma is divided into three areas, Great Exuma and Little Exuma are laidback and home to Moria Harbour National Park, its sand dunes, mangroves and sea grass beds provide homes to nesting seabirds and a nursery for marine life. Along the coast of Little Exuma is the prettiest beach in the Exuma chain, Pelican Beach also known as the Tropic of Cancer, thanks to its geographical location. The Exuma Cays are a playground for the rich and famous and home to the infamous swimming pigs of Big Major Cay, a day trip must-do.