Hobart – Best time to go

Best time to visit Hobart

The best time to book your holiday to Hobart is from December to May.

June to November sees cooler temperatures - although Hobart is equally charismatic in the winter.

Maximum daytime temperature – 35.8°C

Minimum night time temperature – -0.3°C

Average rainfall – 47.3mm per month

Average daylight hours – 10

What’s the weather like in Hobart from December to May?

Hobart has a mild, temperate, oceanic climate. During the summer it enjoys the longest days of any city in Australia (due to its location 240km south of the mainland). Temperatures are pleasantly warm around this time.

Why visit Hobart from December to May? 

• Warm days and long evenings
• A thrilling programme of summer festivals, from sailing to music and art
• A vibrant bar and café culture
• The landscape bursts into life in spring