Brisbane – Best time to go

Best time to visit Brisbane

The best time to book your holiday to Brisbane is April to May.

April and May are mid-autumn months, characterised by tranquil sunny weather and low humidity, perfect for visitors and wildlife alike.

Maximum Daytime Temperature – 24°C 

Minimum Daytime Temperature – 14°C 

Average rainfall – 100mm per month

Average daylight hours –  11

What’s the weather like in Brisbane in April to May?

Brisbane is warm and calm in April and May, with low rainfall and humidity. Temperatures remain comfortably between 14°C to 24°C, which allows you to maximise your time outdoors and explore nature at its finest.

Why visit Brisbane from April to May?

• The cooler temperatures allow plenty of time for outdoor activities during peak daylight hours
• Dolphins and marine life enjoy the warm, calm conditions, making them easier to spot
• Humidity is low, giving you plenty of opportunities to relax on the beaches nearby
• Autumn is a great time to explore the tropical forests that surrounds Brisbane
• The city remains relatively quiet as local children are still in school