Spectacular Beaches & Diving - Aruba

Wanting to just switch off?

The island of Aruba is known for its fine, white sand beaches rimmed with turquoise blue waters. Separated from Palm Beach by a brief limestone outcrop is the quiet, relaxed Eagle Beach, with its sugar sands and gentle surf that is ideal for swimming. Boca Catalina features gentle, shallow waters filled with colourful fish and is a great spot for snorkelling. Further south is Malmok Beach, offering tiny coves and beautiful waters and at the eastern tip, Baby Beach lies, shaped like a giant bathtub and perfect for inexperienced swimmers. For a deserted expanse of dramatic dunes, sea grass and sapphire waters, drive north to Boca Grandi, a prime spot for kitesurfers thanks to the steady winds. 

Scuba Diving

There are numerous shipwrecks and dive sites around Aruba, with the largest and most famous being the wreck of the 122-metre German freighter Antilla. Locally referred to as the ghost ship, the Antilla was scuttled by the germans in 1945 and is now situated in fairly shallow water, about 18 metres deep, with large compartments and cargo holds covered in coral formations. Beneath the crystal waters are a host of sea life; from octopus to seahorses and turtles to stingray. Colourful, tropical fish and exotic marine life dart through the water, making it a great place for advanced and beginner divers alike.