• California Lighthouse Aruba


California Lighthouse Aruba

Scenic landmark

Situated on the north-western tip of the island, the California Lighthouse is perched on a high seaside elevation and is one of Aruba’s most scenic landmarks. From the lighthouse, you have picture-perfect views across the western coast, rolling sand dunes and rocky coral shorelines.

Originally built to warn off ships from the Arubian coastlines, the lighthouse now stands as a silent watchman over the island and is a popular tourist spot for some great photos and spectacular vistas. Named after the S.S.California, the lighthouse is situated adjacent to the California Sand Dunes, perfect for a spot of family fun or a starry-eyed stroll.

The lighthouse is open day or night and boasts the most wonderful 360 degree views; we recommend visiting at sunset for an amazing opportunity to see the glowing sun dip below the Caribbean Sea.