Aruba's Caves and Ruins

A different side to Aruba

Casibari Rock Formation

Situated at the centre of the island, just north of Hooiberg, the Casibari Rock Formation is a cluster of giant, tonalite rocks that rise from the desert soil and form a peculiar dome shape. There are plenty of walking trails and steps through the rocks themselves so you can reach the top and admire breathtaking views across the island and to Oranjestad below. For such a relatively flat island, these rocks juxtapose the surrounding landscape and create a sense of awe from the moment you set eyes on them.

Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins

Located midway up the northern coast, this mine was initially used to process the ore that was brought in the hills. Explore the crumbling heaps of rock that once housed the mill and see the remains of an old pirate castle from the 15th century. If you're after a spot of history combined with amazing geology, a trip to the ruins is well worth it.

Aruba's Caves

Aruba is home to a number of fascinating cave systems that you can explore during your trip. The Guadirikiri Cave extends for about 30 metres, with two large chambers beautifully illuminated by sunlight, while Fontein Cave is perhaps the most well-known on the island for its brown-red, native Arawak Indian rock paintings that can be seen on the walls and ceilings. We also recommend visiting the Huliba Cave, known as the 'tunnel of love', due to its heart-shaped opening.