• Perito Moreno Glacier


Stunning Natural Sights - Argentina

Argentina's Scenery Is A Feast For The Eyes

Argentina is home to an array of stunning sights. From rugged landscapes to icy peaks, it's a wonderland of natural beauty. 

Iguazu Falls

Majestic and magnificent, the Iguazu Falls is a commanding sight. The falls span four times the width of Niagara Falls, extending two miles with 275 cascades that straddle Brazil and Argentina's border. On the Brazilian side, you get an amazing panoramic view of the falls, but on the Argentine side you can get much closer to the falls themselves; so close, in fact, that you'll feel the rainbow-tinted mists on your skin. We recommend taking a boat ride to the base of the falls where the spray is so intense you'll get completely soaked, and the thrill of facing the thundering sheets of water will prove unforgettable.

Tierra del Fuego

The 'Land of Fire' as it translates from Spanish, is literally the end of the world. The most southerly place on earth offers jaw-dropping beauty; from scenic ice glaciers to lush forests and stunning mountains to dramatic sea coasts. The archipelago and its clutch of mystical islands is without doubt magical, filled with stories of shipwrecks and indigenous expeditions. The area is rich in natural beauty and is the gateway to Antarctica; take the myriad of hiking trails available throughout the national park, or see the marine life swimming through the Beagle Channel including beavers that build their dams here.

Glacier Perito Moreno

The stunning centrepiece of Glacier National Park, Perito Moreno is a huge, jagged, white peaked glacier that towers over Lago Argentino and is one of only three Patagonian glaciers still growing. Take a boat to an observation platform and listen for the creaks and cracks as ice chunks crash into the water below.

Quebrada de Humahuaca

This stunning ravine is filled with unique rock formations and multi-coloured hills, otherwise known as the Cerro de los Siete Colores - Hill of the Seven Colours. Visit to see a beautiful, kaleidoscopic landscape with visible traces of the Inca Empire and pre-historic influence. 

Punto Tombo

See one of the world's largest colonies of mainland Magellan penguins at this Patagonian reserve. More than 1.5 million of the birds arrive each year between September and March, and if you visit after November you'll get to see the babies that have been born during the season.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

This beautiful national park is Argentina's southernmost example of the Andean-Patagonian forest, traversed by rivers that flow into the Beagle Channel. The park offers excellent opportunities for climbing, kayaking and hiking; walk the Pampa Altra trail for stunning views of the Channel, or head to the Black Lagoon that's dark in colour due to the peat presence in the waters.