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Antigua's Wildlife

Like most of the Caribbean, many of the animal species on Antigua are not indigenous but have found their way here over time. The wildlife you will see on holiday in Antigua is typical to the Caribbean, including donkeys, lizards and several bird species. This is the only place in the world the Antiguan Racer, a small harmless snake, can be found on the tiny islet of Great Bird Island.

Bird Watching
While there are no bird species that can be found exclusively on Antigua, there is a rich and varied bird population to see. In the evening, head north out of St John's to McKinnon’s Salt Pond to see osprey, sandpipers, cattle egrets and great egrets, wilson’s plovers and yellow-corned night herons. Fitches Creek, a mangrove swamp area south of the airport, is home to spotted sandpiper, snowy egret and green-backed herons. Just west of St. John’s is a little pool inland from the Galley Bay Hotel which holds a variety of water birds, including herons and waterfowl.

Stingray City
For a truly unique experience, head to Stingray City to snorkel with beautiful, majestic rays. Here you will have the chance to touch and feed the creatures as they swim through the water. A speedboat takes you to Barge Reef, a shallow pool surrounded by a colourful coral reef, where you can swim with the southern stingray. These ‘puppies of the sea’ are friendly and safe and you will soon find yourself spellbound by their gracefulness. After your visit with the stingrays, enjoy meeting parrots, iguanas and cheeky monkeys back on land.

Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary
This donkey sanctuary is located within the Humane Society’s Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary provides shelter for more than 150 donkeys on the eastern side of Antigua near Bethesda. All of the donkeys were rescued in some way and are now cared for by the shelter. In the animal sanctuary, see grazing paddocks and corrals for rescued horses, sheep, goats and a small petting farm.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
Snorkelling and scuba diving on holiday in Antigua is something you will not forget. The warm, clear waters are almost entirely surrounded by countless coral reefs, walls and shipwrecks. From the beaches, hire snorkel gear and explore the coral reefs of Halfmoon Bay, the Hawksbill Beaches, Pigeon Point and Pineapple Beach. Further offshore, Cades Reef is one of Antigua’s most popular sites, as is the wreck of the three-masted merchant ship The Andes. See a rainbow of tropical reef fish like sergeant majors, batfish and spadefish swimming amid the sea sponges and colourful coral. Check out the sea turtles, barracuda and stingrays as they dart beneath the unique underwater landscape around Antigua.