• Samburu Airstrip

Fly-In Safaris

Spend more time exploring the bush

Nothing is more exciting than arriving into the heart of the national parks by light aircraft, watching the savannah you are going to explore pass below as you come into land. Waiting for you is an array of luxury lodges, each with there own unique style and experiences. Whichever country you choose for your safari experience you will be left speechless, from the infamous Governors Camp in the heart of the Masai Mara to the wetlands of Botswana.

Opting for a Fly-in Safari can take you to the deepest areas of Africa, mostly unreachable by road. These lodges in these areas are small and personal, giving you the opportunity for a more intimate safari experience.

Top Tips from our Experts


Senior Destination Manager

"I will always remember my first visit to the Governors Camp, our aircraft had to circle the airstrip as they waited for the lions to be ushered off the runway. It truly was an amazing start to my safari"