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Family adventures

Top tips for family travel

Hayes and Jarvis Blog Team October 30, 2013

Travelling with kids in tow can be an overwhelming experience. But whether it’s your first time abroad with the family or you are a seasoned traveller, we have some tips that will make family travel easy.

Where to Go

Your family holiday should cater to all of you, so pick a destination that everyone will like. If you are looking forward to is some time lazing on the beach, but the kids don't like it, make sure you choose a spot that has more than just beaches. Think Cancun or Riviera Maya in Mexico, which have amazing diving, waterparks and nature parks like Xcaret Eco Theme Park. Or Hawaii', where volcanoes and rainforests make fun day diversions. If you prefer the bustle of theme parks, head to Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando in Florida or Disneyland Park in California. A shorter flight away, Dubai has an array of things to keep the little ones busy.

Choosing a destination you will all enjoy will minimise fighting and stress. Choose activities that will engage the whole family. Feeding the ducks at a local lake often entertains children as much as a theme park. Or visit the local playground so your children can get some outdoor exercise as well as interact with other children. Local festivals and parades are great for family fun, as are family safaris if you are feeling adventurous.

Dealing with Jet Lag

The dreaded jet lag. While it is different for every family, jet lag throws a serious dent into the first few days of your family holiday. During this time, the best plan is not to plan. Anything. Take these first few days to rest, relax and recover, that way the rest of your family holiday will be more enjoyable.

While you’re recovering, it may be frustrating dealing with your children’s (and your!) new sleep patterns. Try to stay active during the day and, most importantly, go outside. Natural sunlight does wonders for staving off that tired, droopy feeling. Try to stay awake until bedtime and try to avoid over-long naps. Stick to routines. Your bedtime routine at home is just as important when you are away. Give your kids a bedtime snack to keep them full during the night, and do what you need to in order to get them to relax—whether that be a bath, a bedtime story, or singing a lullaby.

What to Pack

Pack as light as possible, but make sure the essentials are there. A good rule of thumb is to pack everything for the entire family, then remove a few items of each person’s clothing. It is much easier to wash clothes than to drag heavy bags around. Sometimes you can get away with not packing all those things you think are necessary as you can simply buy them when you get to your destination. So check if things like baby formula, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and basic medical supplies are readily available before packing them.

With these simple tips for family travel, we hope you will enjoy your holiday, whatever destination you choose.