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Beach bliss

Things to do in the water in Bermuda

Kelly Ranson December 3, 2015

Dotted pretty much in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is home to many things; beautiful pink-tinged beaches, immaculate golf resorts and a wonderfully British charm from years gone by.

Being an island, it’s inevitable that Bermuda is also a fantastic place to try out watersports galore – in fact in 2017 it will play host to the 35th America’s Cup with sailing aces descending on its shores.

While sailing takes a fair bit of skill and practice, we’ve selected just three of our favourite slightly unique watersports that are worth a try when you’re not basking in the Bemurdian sunshine or sipping on a ‘dark n stormy’ cocktail.

Rocket Boarding

No this isn’t a made up word or something from ‘Back to the Future’, but one of the most exhilarating watersport activities you can try out while in Bermuda.  Rocket boarding is a growing sport around the world, and what better place to partake than in the turquoise waters of Bermuda?


It’s basically like flying. Well sort of... with a flyboard attached to your feet and another attached to a jetski, it pumps out thousands of gallons of water per minute, shooting you up into the air. It does involve some skill though; keeping balance is one thing and then getting the confidence to go higher is another. It’s adrenaline-pumping kind of stuff, but well worth a try!  You will definitely think you are Iron Man after this experience.

Helmet Diving

During a recent trip we were intrigued to see an excursion called Helmet diving on the list – having researched further it’s basically an underwater walk 12ft below along the ocean floor but without having to be a skilled scuba diver or even a good swimmer. 

Wearing a large helmet with a glass front and weights around your middle to pull you down, the diving adventure is just fantastic and swimming among the coral reef are some of the friendliest fish you’ll ever interact with.  For example, there’s Charles the Hogfish who likes to swim up close and check out the ‘divers’. It’s a great excursion for any age and gives a real opportunity to make friends with the marine life!

Hydro biking

Now this watersport is just pure fun.  Think of the traditional pedalo and switch-up to a bike. A bike attached to a 10ft catamaran that is! 

It’s such a great way to explore the island, and in particular you can cycle out to some to some of the island’s 300 shipwrecks which are unbelievably close to the shore or even jump into the water to feed the many fish (and if you’re lucky turtles).  

It really is an effortless and no level of skill is required either!


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