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Take advantage of special add-ons to make your holiday unforgettable

Hayes and Jarvis Blog Team February 21, 2014

Life’s always better when you add that extra-special something – whether it’s those gunmetal grey alloy wheels on your new car, that side of onion rings with your steak and chips, or those extra minutes on your mobile phone contract. After all, if you’re investing your resources in something, whether that’s time or money, why not go that additional mile to make it truly exceptional?

The same goes for your holiday – why settle for a run-of-the-mill  week in the sun when you could transform your trip into an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll be bragging about to all your friends for years to come? A holiday with all the bells and whistles definitely trumps compromise any day of the week. And when holidays only come round once or twice a year, can you really afford not to have the time of your life?

Why go  self-catering when you could enjoy a veritable banquet of dishes laid on for you every day at breakfast lunch and dinner (as well as all the beer, wine and spirits you can drink), all included in the price?  Why sit on a coach, waiting for everyone to embark when you could already be on the way to your hotel (and that sunbed!) in your own private air conditioned taxi?  Indeed, why stop at one destination when you could enjoy two (now that’s really something to brag about!).

At Hayes and Jarvis we know not everyone fits the mould, and that we’re all individuals with our own requirements and expectations from a holiday. This is why we’re offering everyone the chance to turn their holiday into that ‘trip of a lifetime’ with some exciting add-ons.

For example, eight nights in stunning Phuket might sound like  paradise in its own right, but if you take advantage of the offer on this page, why not grab the opportunity to plunge yourself into one of Thailand’s most breathtaking natural landscapes in Khao Sok national park, and stay at Elephant Hills Jungle Safari luxury tented camp where you can get up close and personal with majestic, gentle Asian elephants.

If that wasn’t enough, Hayes and Jarvis are able to offer a two night stay in the hedonistic city of Bangkok as a great-value add-on. Famous the world over for its bright lights, traditional markets, street food vendors and wild nightlife, a whirlwind couple of days here would be the perfect complement to a week relaxing on the beach.

There are a range of holiday offers available across destinations including Kenya, New York and Mexico, each with a unique collection of exciting add-ons. View the full range here and start creating your dream holiday!