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Relax & rejuvenate

Reasons why you need a holiday

Clive Wedderburn September 17, 2015

You need a holiday because...

1) You have served others for weeks/months/years (delete where necessary) above and beyond the call of duty. Now you need to visit a place where your needs are met, where friendly folk greet you with a smile and remind you that you really do truly matter – because you are worth it. Best place for warm welcomes:  Thailand - Land of Smiles

2) You need new friends. No man - or woman - is an island – so widen your circle. Many holiday friendships rise and fall like the setting sun and become as transient as a gossamer seed. Some friendships, however, blossom and have far-reaching implications. The truth is, who knows what will happen, but that person you're idly chatting to at the beach bar in the Caribbean may just become your new BF/GF/BFF. Most sociable place to meet people: Cancun, Mexico 

3) Time spent well is wisely spent, so the saying goes. The rat race can ruin relationships with loved ones. Travel heals, repairs cracks and brings us closer together. Travel allows us to drop our guard and transform from gnarly troll into something approaching our old selves again, like becoming acquainted with an old friend. The smile your loved ones will see is the one you always meant to give but just forgot how. Best place for romance: The Maldives. Best place for children: Florida, St Pete/Clearwater and Disneyworld

4) Photographs on the mantelpiece are a great reminder of how beautiful life can be. A classic holiday snap of grumpy-knickers with a smile on your face against a backdrop of beauty, is priceless. No matter how many times you gaze at the image it will work its magic and cheer you up on the cloudiest of days. Best place for a photo to treasure: Taj Mahal

5) To learn something new – well, let’s face it, we’re all getting older and so are our stories – you know, the ones we regale our loved ones with over and over until they can mouth every word. When you travel new things happen and these incidences provide us with new stories that make us much less boring, and that’s a tonic we could all do with. Best place to learn something new about the world: Cape Town

6) Rejuvenation – you’re a wrung-out, mouldy old face towel. Go on, admit it, you’re all spent. You nearly made a proper cock-up at work the other day, saved only by some last minute manoeuvring. Admit it; you were tired, you need a break and proper time to retreat and recharge. Best place for R&R: The mystical isle of Bali

7) Everyone needs a suntan – your skin is so pallid your closest resemblance is the ‘fishy Hobbit’ Gollum from LOTR. You need to put some colour in your cheeks (not to mention arms, legs etc). Everything in moderation including moderation – and a healthy dose of vitamin D is good for what ails you. Best place for a top-up: Your back garden – it’s cheap and can be just as effective given the right conditions. Failing that, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

8) Enliven your taste buds – foreign food, without doubt, tastes better in foreign climes – take it from us, that  red snapper steamed in coconut leaves bought for sixpence from a street vendor in Asia will never be bettered at a Michelin starred restaurant in the UK. Moreish took on a whole new meaning. Food tourism is booming and travelling the world to sample culinary delights is a life affirming experience. Best place to be wowed by the food – Vietnam – on any given street corner

9) Memories – In the corner of your mind exists a catacomb containing billions and billions of images. One of the brightest of these mental storerooms is the one marked ‘travel’. This is a kaleidoscope of glittering memories, and wandering through this memory palace makes you feel so glad you made the effort to travel in the first place; otherwise you wouldn’t have had all of THIS: wading through a warm lagoon, drinking from a freshly cut coconut, watching a tear of condensation roll down your cocktail glass, etc. Best place to make memories: That’s not for us to say. Only you will know - so where in the world do you want to go??