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Meet the winner of our Holidaydream Competition

Hayes and Jarvis Blog Team July 18, 2014

Many of you entered our Holidaydream Competition launched back in May on our Facebook page. We received hundreds of entries and were blown away by the fantastic holidaydaydreams we received and the creative trip ideas to countries all over the world. 

We had a lot of fun reading through all the entries and discussing what we’d do on our own dream trip! But the difficult decision of picking the final winner was, thankfully, not down to us. 
We enlisted the expertise of freelance journalist and travel writer, Ellie Ross. Ellie has years of experience writing about her travels around the world and knows what makes a life-changing trip; we couldn’t think of a better person to select the lucky winner!
After hours of reading and lots of cups of tea, Ellie and our team of travel experts settled on the entry that impressed us all. The winner’s passion for travel really came across and her words transported us to her dream destination. So without further chatter, the winner of the Hayes and Jarvis Holidaydream Competition is…
Moira McGrath from Poole. 
Moira’s one lucky lady. She’ll be visiting her dream country, India. With up to £5000 to spend and with our travel experts on hand to help her create her perfect trip, it’s sure to be a magical adventure. 
Have a look at the best parts of Moira’s winning entry: 
My ideal holiday would be to visit the mystical land of India, and in particular the area in the North of the country known as the Golden Triangle. 
I have dreamt about seeing first hand the shimmering marble of the Taj Mahal, its symmetry and majesty mirrored in the tranquil water where Lady Diana famously posed with this 'Love Poem in Marble' in the background. Its ornate architecture combined with its ever-changing colours from sunrise to sunset would, I imagine, be captivating. 
A visit to the imposing Amber Fort at Jaipur with its red sandstone and white marble would be delightful, reflecting this land of incredible colours seen through the myriad of patterns and hues of saris, flowers, markets and spices. 
The tastes , sounds and smells of India, I have been told, are all encompassing: a delight to the senses! But it is the people who make this country the vibrant place it is said to be: welcoming and friendly with a natural inquisitiveness and ability to make you feel at home. I would love to spend time in their company and find out more about their diverse culture. 
After having soaked up the atmosphere of the cities of Agra, Jaipur and Delhi and seen some of the world's most famous landmarks created by the Moghul Emperors, it would be my dream to visit Bandhavgarh National Park. 
What an amazing experience to see the wildlife there: butterflies, birds, snakes, boars, jackals, leopards and deer. But how incredible it would be to come face to face with the white tiger! 
Having been on a safari in Botswana and been a mere few feet away from a pride of lions, I couldn't start to describe the excitement and adrenalin rush of seeing the awe inspiring tiger at close quarters and as William Blake wrote, 'What immortal hand or eye, dare frame thy fearful symmetry? 
A holiday spent discovering the cities, temples and tigers of the Golden Triangle and immersing myself in the local culture would be a dream come true and certainly an experience which would stay with me forever.
We can’t wait to make Moira’s India dream a reality.